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Tipton is a multi-disciplinary engineering firm; specializing in new products from conception to the manufacturing shop floor.

Manufacturing Engineering

Getting a new product to market involves dies, tooling, molds, automation and manufacturing processes. Having a product development background means we understand design for manufacturability and makes us better manufacturing engineers.

Industrial Engineering

In the manufacturing of new products, we are concerned with using a quantitative approach to optimizing how a process, system or organization operates.


We have over 300 different sku’s that we have manufactured for customers including raw materials, tooling, machines, prototype parts and finished goods for clients in the US, Europe, Brazil and China. We specialize in low volume high value items.

About Us

Getting Products from Conception to Production Efficiently
We Help Our Clients Engineer Solutions

Tipton Design and Engineering is an innovative multi-disciplinary engineering firm that was founded in 2005. We have developed our company to provide a multitude of engineering and design consulting services so that we may continually strive to help our customers develop their manufacturing processes and facilities to build their economic success and meet their business objectives. Our team of dedicated engineers are with you throughout the entire production process so that we can make sure your product gets to market smoothly.

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